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The development of new technology combined with the need to create new spaces and modify environments has led to new architectural and operational demands for designers. Uniflair has an avant-garde Modular Access Floor production line which is able to meet each clients specific needs.The UNIFLAIR access floor is an extraordinarily versatile and flexible instrument giving designers unprecedented creative freedom. UNIFLAIR access floor finds its most suitable application in those buildings that house activities that are served by complex electric, electronic,hydraulic and air conditioning subsystems. In such surroundings equipment and cabling is easily housed in the plenum underneath the access floor during planning or installation, with the added bonus that any later changes can be made without increased costs. Designers can also give their creativity free rein through the choice of covering materials, available in a remarkably wide range and offering practically unlimited options for a customised look.

Access floor consists of a gridded metal framework or substructure of adjustable-height supports that provide support for removable (liftable) floor panels. Every environment has different needs, based on its function and enhancement of the aesthetic value. For this reason, Uniflair proposes various combinations of materials and technical construction with the aim of always supplying a product perfect for any situation.

Support core:

There are two options for the panel core material: high density wooden chipboard or calcium sulphate.

The back of the core panel is covered to further improve mechanical characteristics and increase thermalhygrometric stability. Depending on the protection grade and resistance required the materials used are:


Uniflair offers not only paneles with standart sizes 600x600 mm but also the large range of panels with sizes ranging from 30 to 120 cm and the possibility to take advantage of the different modules with a liberal approach, combine with the use of the support structure provided with adaptable reinforcement stringers according to the required dimensions.

Top finish

Today, flooring is not only a functional element but also an integral and fundamental part of the design of a building.Uniflair allows customisation of the finishing of the panels according to the most diverse requirements, satisfying the choices of the client from an extensive range of finishes available today, so rendering every access floor unique.
The vast choice includes:

Perimeter edge

The edge of the Uniflair panel is produced in a rigid plastic material, self-extinguishing and PVC free. Of thickness 0.45 mm in the standard version, it is applied to the full height on all four sides of the panel, so protecting the panel both from the external environment and any possible damage occurring during the laying phase and maintenance of the access floor.

In the case of finishing in grès, the panel can also be produced with a different process of edging, unique and patented, the UNI edge. Produced in soft polyurethane elastomer with elevated chemical stability and resistance to scratching, guaranteeing a more effective protection to bumps, a better air-tightness and providing a humidity barrier. In addition, the use of coverings of nominal format 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm with internal gaps between the ceramics equal to those of the panel perimeter, create an effect of camouflaging the 60x60 cm module in the finished floor.

Elements of the Uniflair access floor are:

  1. A support structure consisted of adjustable-height supports with stringers that provide support for removable floor panels.
  2. The panels are made of different materials. They may be also covered with a variety of flooring finishes to suit the application. Every panel is supported by pedestals and can be easily lifted to have access to the space beneath the floor.

An extremely wide choice of materials allows to customize Uniflair access floors to the most demanding needs: from carpeting to fine wood; linoleum to Florentine cotto; ceramic to marble; and recomposed stone, each area of a building can have its architectural style.

- high-density, high-strength particle board designed and manufactured specifically to support high loads and assure lasting dimensional stability, upgraded on the underside with aluminium sheeting, laminate plastic or galvanised steel sheets. Nominal thickness can range from 30 to 40 mm or more depending on the required load rating;

- incombustible inert material with a nominal thickness of up to 38 mm, featuring extremely good fire resistance, high mechanical properties and excellent soundproofing qualities for peace of mind and optimum comfort;

- a combination of the above materials to meet specific requirements.

An ample range of accessories, both practical and functional, allows Uniflair to offer detailed constructive solutions capable of resolving site problems and to complete installations with punctual and adaptable solutions:

column with electrical and telephone sockets; Uniflair cable outlet; mini-column with housing for electrical, telephone and data sockets; steps; ramp; lifting-tool for smooth surface panels; panels fitted with holes for air flow; double lifting-tool for smooth surface panels; floor outlet with housing for electrical, telephone and data sockets; lifting-tool with needles for carpet.

Thus access floors are a perfect solution from the point of view of efficiency and design which depends only on individual preferences and a good knowledge of advanced construction processes.